Dolce Tintolino Halloween Cookies

This was a totally unplanned visit, but when I saw the Halloween cookies on instagram, I could not resist, AND I was in the hood. I was at the Uni and I called my friend, and luckily I always have my camera with me so I was able to capture these lovely sweets, although I couldn’t buy them all. As for the cupcake, it was pretty much regular, only more expensive, because of the decoration.


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  1. Woah all those halloween-treats look so delicious! *0*

  2. Bas su ludi kolacici 🙂 Odlicne fotke!


  3. Bas su ludi kolacici 🙂 Odlicne fotke!


  4. I love the decor and all the Halloweeny sweets! I could live there!

  5. Those cookies look so cute. BTW what camera do you use?


  6. What an amazing place!! I especially like those bat cake pops and the spider web donuts! ;))

  7. Such fabulous cakes and pops! Happy belated Halloween!

  8. Great post!

    I like the pics!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  9. Those cupcakes and cake pops look so delicious. I would not be able to resist them either.

  10. Amazing pictures! So yummy:)


  11. All of these cakes and cupcakes look delicious:)


  12. what a grat post ! beautiful pics ! keep working dear ! blog is interesting

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  13. Thanks so much! Followed!

  14. Thanks, I know!

  15. Thanks, to you too!

  16. Thanks, me too!

  17. Thanks dear! I use Canon Ixus 125, do you like it?

  18. Thanks! Me too!

  19. Hvala draga 🙂

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