Sunday Lunch: Mexican Food, Moritz Eis & OOTD

I finally have the time to post more often. It just so happens that I’ve been visiting a lot of restaurants lately so most of my recent posts are about food 😀 This time I’m taking you to Zapata, which has been my fav Mexican restaurant for the last 5 years or so. Next we went to the relatively new Moritz Eis, which is just across the street. On the menu were: fruit mojitos, Zapata burrito and white chocolate ice cream.

Shades: Ray-Ban, shirt: Kupi Lux, leggings: C&A, bag: Iron Fist, sneaks: Safran

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  1. Wow, those silver chunky glitter claw nails!

  2. The food looks amazing, especially the ice cream! Your hair is so lovely too. xxxxx


  3. I'm so hungry looking at those pics! Ohh and I love ur bag!

  4. J'aime vraiment beaucoup ton style ! (ton article me donne très faim ^^)

    Isa : http://essentielisabelle.blogspot.fr/

  5. thanks dear 🙂

  6. thanks, kiss 🙂

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