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Legends about Dracula

Are you in the mood for an awesome Halloween story? Or better yet – an exciting adventure? 

They say that the Goths turn to Transylvania when they pray, as Muslims turn to Mecca.

I don’t know how accurate this is and whether or not Goths actually pray to anyone, but we know the following:

Believe it or not, Dracula Untold the latest movie is historically the most accurate so far (though of course there are some fantastic elements, such as the ending. 

One of the inaccurate details in the film is that vampire is not a Greek, but a Serbian word, but the vampire from Bram Stoker’s novel was inspired by the 15th-century historical figure Vlad (Vladislav) Cepes.

Vlad was not the ruler of Transylvania, but Wallachia (today’s Bucharest). It was named Dracul after the Crusader Order of Dragons, of which his father was a member, not the devil, as it was thought (drac).

Vlad’s father had sworn allegiance to the Sultan, and left his sons hostage (which probably later influenced his personality as well as the horrors he attended while growing up in Turkey).

When he was released, he learned that his father had been betrayed by his own people and had been buried alive by the Hungarians, as well as Vlad’s eldest brother. He invited all 500 to dinner and then killed them, and this is where his reign of terror begins.

Legends about Dracula

Legend has it that Vlad dined with the corpses piled on a stake and dipped bread into the blood (hence the parallel with the vampires).

It is a well-known story that he nailed turbans with nails to Turkish messengers because they refused to take them off. When Vlad invited someone over for dinner, they knew what he was expecting, and rejecting the invitation was not an option.

It is said that Vlad was so obsessed with sadism that while in prison he would catch rats, cut them to pieces, or stab them. 

He is believed to have killed between 40,000 and 100,000 people.

He lived about 45 years, had two wives (one of whom committed suicide to escape the Turks), four sons and a daughter.

One belief is that eventually his army crossed to the Turkish side and he was killed, his head was sent to the Sultan, but they say the body was never found, muahaha!

What is true and what is the fruit of imagination we are still not sure, but if you consider Dracula an intriguing and interesting personality like me, why not visit nearby Transylvania on one of Jungle Travel adventures?

Just don’t be surprised to hear cries in the night …


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