Metallica banned iron fist outfit
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Travel: Sofia, Bulgaria Day 1

Hiya all,
although I’ve been busy most of the time with YT, that doesn’t mean I’m going to abandon my blog. My first love is photography, and I’m gonna keep posting whenever I can, it’s just that, you know, editing the pics takes a lot of time.
So now I finally took some time to edit the pics from Bulgaria, although I have to admit there aren’t as many. Mostly just outfits of the day, and not many pics of the actual city.
The thing that I liked most about Sofia is that you can see the mountain Vitosha basically from every part of the city, so I had to take a quick pic on the run.
I was there only for three days. The first day was a national holiday, so we spent it at a friends house.
Then at night we went clubbing, drank some cheap shots (that were mostly water if you ask me!)

P.S. Sorry that the pics are shaky, just like the cocktails ­čśÇ

Metallica banned iron fist outfit

Metallica banned iron fist outfit

Metallica banned iron fist outfit




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