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Outfit: Metallic Leggings (+ My New Camera)

Outfit details:
Little black dress: see HERE
Metallic leggings: see HERE
(both under $10!)
Jacket: NewChic

Finally a new outfit post with my products from WSDear. I was waiting to get a new camera for my b-day, so these are my first pics with a DSLR, don’t be too harsh, I’m just starting to learn.
Anyway, I chose these risky metallic leggings, I love them because the color is neither gold nor silver. They have all possible metallic colors, as well as mermaid leggings, all in the $9.99 section.
 As the leggings are such an eye catcher, for the other item I had to choose something neutral, like a little black dress, which is a must have for anyone. The material is light cotton, perfect for the summer, As the dress is knee length I had to tuck it in my tutu, so I would make it shorter to show off the leggings, hence the weird shape 🙂
The outfit came in little over two weeks, the staff is very kind, and both these items were under $10, as are bunch of other cheap cool and trendy stuff, so be sure to check out the website!

What do you think?

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  1. Odlicne fotografije! Vidi se kvalitet bez sumnje.

  2. You look amazing hun! I adore the dress so much! Brilliant photos girl!
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  3. Unique Outfit!!Great Style!

  4. Looking great!

  5. Love your dress and lipstick!

  6. Those are really awesome leggings! 🙂

  7. A 80s rockstar!!

  8. Really like the metallic leggings here! Those always scare me off buying because the oil spill leggings from blackmilk were without shiny color after only a few times of wearing XD is this one in your post a brand you can recommend? 9$something definitely is a nice price 🙂

  9. Thanks, the leggings are definitely shiny enough if that's what you're asking 😀

  10. Exactly my thoughts! 😀

  11. Thanks so much!

  12. Thank you so much dear! <3

  13. Hvala, bas mi je drago! :*

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