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Outfit: Black Easter

blonde girl goth glam outfit fashion black lace ears fake septum statement necklace slave bracelet rhinestone leather jacket spring outfit

Sorry for not posting outfits for so long, but now I depend on photographers as well – you see, once you go proFASHIONal you never wanna go back! 😀 I know I used to post a lot more outfits when I shot them myself, but now I really want to put more effort into the whole shooting process, and think it’s time to take my blog to a whole new level, fashion-wise, I’m no beginner anymore. I’m also saving up for my own DSLR camera, but more about that soon.
Luckily these pics were taken and edited by my beautiful talented friend photographer, blogger and designer Marija (Go check out her blog  Alle’Marie as well).
The location we shot is the new Belgrade Waterfront, which is still in the process of building, we’ll see how that turns out.
Anyway, the whole inspiration was the dark Easter outfit, since we had orthodox Easter just yesterday, together with the 1st of May. Of course I remembered my Banggood bunny ears – they’re too fabulous to be worn only once, and this was the perfect occasion. The black tutu I’ve had for years, but the problem is the tailor made the lining too tight so I couldn’t wear it for some time. Lucky for me, Marija’s mom is also a tailor  (she really has fashion in her genes!)  and made it a little wider at the waste and fixed it.
I’ve also become obsessed with slave bracelets, so I had to include some bling into this dark outfit. The leather jacket is a must in these spring days.
All in all I really love how the pictures turned out (that’s why I uploaded so many :), and can’t wait to see what you think! <3

Outfit details:Lace bunny ears: see HERE
Fake septum ring: see HERE
Leather jacket: Pepe Jeans
Bag: Guess


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  1. Wow super look !!!

    Little Obsessions

  2. Lovely outfit! xoxo

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  3. Cute, I like the tulle overskirt!

  4. nice layers of black tulle and lace!

  5. Sjajan outfit! Bas mi se svidja svaki komad, i jakna i suknja i sjajni detalji. Takodje, sminka ti je savrsena.

  6. You look great! I have really been wanting some tutus but finding ones that fit bigger people is hard as a lot online are Asian sizes.

  7. Super outfit! ^^

  8. Thanks! <3

  9. Thanks! xoxo

  10. Thanks! <3

  11. Thanks! <3

  12. Aww hvala puno! <3

  13. Thanks, I got mine custom made 🙂

  14. Hvala draga ^^

  15. This is such a cool outfit –Hanna Lei

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