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The Best Back Packing Destinations

As you know, I’m pretty much into fitness these days (when I’m not studying, that is ­čÖé Last time I wrote about travel tips, and this time – about a great way to combine both travel and workout – hiking.

If your planning for a holiday with the family or with friends, back packing is a great option to consider. Not only will you see a number of fine sites and destinations but will also get a great workout in at the same time.

If you are looking to go backpacking for a long period of time and are looking to store some of your belongings then there are many ways in which you can store your belongings safely, for example

No matter what you want to see or which types of hikes you have done in the past these are a few of the top destinations in the UK to consider for your back packing excursion.

Peak District – 
The Edale Skyline is surely a sight to see whether the sun is rising or setting. The 22 mile hike is no small feat however so it is a trail for moderate to more experienced hikers. Brown Knoll, Win Hill, and Rushup Edge, are a few of the stops to enjoy along the way.

Lake District – 
Blencathra is a five mile trip which even beginners will enjoy. The British alpine hike passes through a blunt mountainside, and Sharp Edge offers a magnificent scenic retreat for anyone to appreciate. A day trip beginners or intermediate hikers are sure to appreciate walking through.

Calf & Cautley Spout – 
The 11.5 mile distance isn’t too long, but may require a few stops along the way as some areas of this hike are a bit steeper than others. You can see the highest waterfall in the UK during this hike, and enjoy peaceful views from some of the country’s highest peaks as well.

Whether you are new to hiking or have been back packing for years, these are a few trails to add to your itinerary. With beginner to more experienced trails and stops along the way hikers and back packers of any level are going to appreciate the scenic views, and some of the country’s most spectacular sites to visit during these trips and crossing through these hiking trails.

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