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Snow White Queen

goth girl snow winter outfir
Corset: see HERE
Coat: C&A
Scarf: Pimkie
Boots: Esprit

Here are a few atmospheric pics I took on a snowy day, and as you know, I’m the biggest fan of winter, so I can’t let it go just yet (although it’s already March, it’s still technically winter), and I still have a few more pics to show you! The lighting is bad because I got there late in the afternoon, and not only was it freezing cold and windy, but freezing rain was starting to fall as well, so I was really afraid how I was going to make it back home! I kinda like that it’s dark though! As for the outfit, the corset is from Banggood, and the white coat I inherited from my Mother. Hope you like it!

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  1. I love this look! Hope you didnt get too cold!

  2. I love the dress! The snow looks very nice and cool!

  3. Beautiful smile 😀 Nice winter look

  4. Dude, I love white! You are rocking the winter look. 🙂

  5. Hrabro i atraktivno! Jako lep beli outfit

  6. OMG you look so lovely!

  7. Love this outfit and your mint hair <3

  8. Such a crazy coat! You look wonderful!

    Alix N @ http://www.acommonobsession.com

  9. Thanks dear! It was bloody cold 😀

  10. Thank you! <3

  11. Thank you! 😀

  12. Thank you so much! 🙂 Me too!

  13. Thank you! <3

  14. Thank you! <3

  15. Thank you! <3

  16. Thank you! <3

  17. Hvala draga! <3

  18. you look gorgeous in this outfit! Christine Morales

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