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How I Switched to My Own Domain

alternative goth girl gothic lolita outfit black lipstick septum

Just a quick post to share with you guys how excited I am to finally have my own domain! <3
It’s a bit confusing if you’re not a computer person, took me a couple of hours, but it’s manageable, just follow the steps in this video.
Now the domain name is different from my blog name, but the same as my Facebook page name. For some reason, retroelectric is a premium domain and expensive, and I feel like Glam Retro Style are three more commonly searched words.. I bought it for 2 years on and it cost me about $20. My blog is still hosted by Blogspot though.
In the end, have some random pics I took for the Ladies in Black page birthday, go give them a like if you haven’t, and look at me bein’ all goffic and all xp

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  1. Congrats on your domain! Retro Electric was probably in use at one point and garnered enough interest to raise the cost of the domain. I have a GoDaddy site as well. I use it for business stuff. I was told by a friend that if the site gets really popular over time the cost to keep it running will go up, and if it was explosively popular GoDaddy could auction the domain off to the highest bidder (so long as the contract was coming up for renewal, I think, sort of like a landlord selling a rental unit at the end of tenancy). Just be aware of the little things that GoDaddy neglects to mention upfront. I've never had any serious problems with them. Except that we've gotten spammy letters in our snail mail from people who've taken our mailing address from GoDaddy somehow… It certainly made me nervous about what they were doing with our personal information…

  2. Oh I love that outfit! Looking good! Gratz on your own domain!

  3. Pretty as always! congrats on your own domain

  4. I dont know anything about domains, but you look so gorgeous!

  5. I love you outfit, you look amazing!

  6. Congrats hun!
    I want to purchase my own domain this year but I'm umming and ahhing because it might be better for me to buy WordPress premium. It has the domain included.

    | | bloglovin' |

  7. You have a nice blog, I'll follow!
    If you like mine too you can follow back @
    Pozdrav iz Makedonije!

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