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30 Wardrobe Essentials Every Woman Should Own in 2016!

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I put together a final wardrobe staples list for you, these are the items every modern woman should own. No matter your personal style, you can always incorporate them into your look in a way that suits you and add a personal touch.
Some of them are really timeless classics, some of them are newer trends, but most of them are basic and easily combined.
Also, all of them are available at one place, so check them out if you’re missing something on
banggood.com !

1. Cateye sunglasses: because they add that retro-glam movie star touch – see HERE

2. Metallic unisex watch: silver or gold – you decide – see HERE 

 3. Aviator glasses: because nothing makes you feel more like a rockstar – see HERE

 4. Bow ring: so sweet and classy – see HERE

5. Ankle boots: my favorite type of shoes, because I can wear them every day thanks to the thick heel, and I hate wearing flats! Day or night, winter or summer, can be worn all the time! Also, the 9cm heel is the perfect height for me! – see HERE

6. Statement necklace: because it glams up even the simplest sweater! -see HERE

7. Silver charm bracelet: is discrete but adds a touch of glamour to every day! – see HERE

8. Heeled oxfords: like I said, I’m not a fan of flats, and these are great for work and comfy enough to stand in all day! – see HERE

 9. Loose leather pants: also a newer trend, but looks comfortable and glam enough, so you don’t have to wear leggings every day! – see HERE

 10. Leather leggings: because they’re the new skinny jeans, but more comfy and glamorous! – see HERE

11. Printed T-shirt: add a bold statement to the outfit! – see HERE

12. Leopard blazer: adds a touch of glam, for work or fun! – see HERE

13. Fur trench coat: like a trench, but only much warmer! – see HERE

14. Printed sweatshirts: I’ve never really worn sweatshirts, but this trend is just too cool! – see HERE

15. Trench coat: do I really need to explain? CLASSIC -see HERE

 16. Leather jacket: another rockstar staple! – see HERE

17. Mesh little black dress: like a LBD, with a twist. Also flatters every body type: see HERE

 18. Lace camisole: this is one of the newer underwear trends, but I think it looks great under a more open shirt – see HERE

19. Layered pearls: because they can make a simple black outfit look Chanel – see HERE

20. Chain necklace: can be worn everyday with everything and makes it 30% cooler (see examples below) – see HERE

 21. Doc. Marten’s style boots: add an edge to any outfit, white ones are my fave at the moment! – see HERE

22. Sequin dress: because every woman needs a little glitter and magic in her life! – see HERE

 23. Plaid shirt: an edgy timeless classic, especially nowdays when the grunge look is so popular – see HERE

24. Simple white shirt: for work and whenever you want to look elegant – see HERE

25. Leather skater skirt: this has been a favorite of mine for the last couple of years – day and night – it goes with everything, and gives it an edgy look, and suits all body types – see HERE

 26. Chanel-style purse: small enough to carry for concerts/clubbing, but also classier occasions. A must! – see HERE

27. Red nails: a classic, and for a reason! – see HERE

28. Smokey eyes: because every woman needs a dramatic look sometimes, and smokey eyes look is timeless! – see HERE

 29. Black eyeliner: because a black line above my eyes makes me feel 100X prettier – see HERE

30. Red lipstick: red is definitely not fave color, but I wear red lipstick almost everywhere – nothing says confidence and brightens up a woman’s face like bold lips – see HERE

What do you think? Would you add something?

*This post is sponsored by banggood.com
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  1. great post honey!
    beautyfull clotes 🙂
    kisses from poland :*

  2. Your right leather leggings are more stunning and glam especially when it comes to them being the new skinny jean. Great post. xx http://www.bauchlefashion.com https://www.instagram.com/heathernoire89/

  3. Nice selection!

  4. I love the plaid shirt! Thanks for sharing! xx

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  5. Great Picks and all is cute! But I most like your choices no. 5, 14, 23, and 25

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    Please Let me know if you follow me and I’ll follow back asap!

    Love xx
    Official Seol ♥

  6. łoł the best for me is 7 😀 and 10:D and 1 xd Follow?:)

  7. Fantastican izbor! Kozne jakne i skinny pantalone mi se posebno dopadaju 🙂

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