(More than) 50 Followers + Inspirations

I was really pleasantly surprised to find  the blogging community so welcome of different styles. I always had all these misconceptions about what a blog(ger) should look like, but now I think that each one of us has their own place. Since I’ve been blogging for these two months I’ve got nothing but love and support and I’m really grateful! I love all kinds of different blogs and I always find something interesting, no matter if you blog about fashion, beauty, travel, homes, food etc. I’m glad my readers seem to recognise that as well. If you seek beauty, you will find beauty in everything, just like you can find flaws in everything, In my opinion, life is made up of all these beautiful little things and we need to appreciate them, otherwise we might miss the happiness waiting for a big thing! What I exactly mean (along with some other thoughts about life) you can see in the following quotes, I’m sure someone has already said it better than me 🙂 All of the quotes are from my Pinterest board Inspiration, where you can find many more.
Once again THANK YOU to all my beautiful followers, hope we stay in touch for many years to come! <3






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  1. Grats on the followers. The blogging community is great. You have an inspirational blog, I am not surprised to read that you got such a great following

  2. Very inspiring post, thank you for your positivity and the uplifting quotes! Congrats on reaching 50, and here's to reaching 500 soon (raising cup of lukewarm tea). :3
    We are all unique in our own special ways, but still the same at the core, which is one of the little perks of being human. Have a great rest of your day!

  3. Thanks so much dear! Well it's not primarily inspirational, but i try to incorporate some elements ^^

  4. Thank you darling for the great wishes, the same to you! ^^

  5. Now I can't remember if I have commented or not. If you get a million comments from me, don't worry, it's just my bad memory!

    Love the blog!

  6. Love this!

    Sammii Ox

  7. Haha thanks dear, I'm so glad! Yeah, happens to me too xD

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