How to Wear Tops in the Fall – Stylish womens tops online

Hi all! Today we are talking about  Stylish womens tops online  from Yoins.

Do you want to know how you can transition your summer tops to fall? Read on.

Stylish womens tops online

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Stylish womens tops online

In the fall, or even in winter, it’s all about layering. I myself am buying tops all year round, because a) you can wear it under a jacket, or b) for going out to clubs where it’s usually very hot.

I myself am a huge fan of jackets, coats, blazers, cardigans… basically any type of outerwear, you name it! To keep things interesting, I like to combine a top usually under some kind of a button-down cardigan, so the more versatile stuff I have the more different outfits I can come up with, if you get what I mean. 😀 And also, don’t forget plaid shirts as a must have for fall!

Add an interesting necklace, or some other kind of head accessory and you’re good to go!

Cute Crop Tops Online

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 Cute Crop Tops Online

Who says you have to throw away your crop tops in the fall. Besides, there’s still summer days. My advice is to combine them with a high waisted jeans, and throw a shirt over it, for a trendy grunge 90s look that’s so hot right now!

Other than jeans, you can combine crop tops with high waisted skater skirts (my favorite!), leggings etc. Add some ankle booties and your fall look is complete!

You can find Cute Crop Tops Online at Yoins.

Yoins is a trendy affordable fashion store for girls and women.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! Do you wear tops all through the fall season?

Sick of Everyone? Show It with This Skull T-Shirt|SRP & ENG

I finally managed to take some time and show you the other two dresses I got from – the In Memory of when I Cared T-shirt dress and the black and white damask dress. Check out my first dress in my previous post.

When I say I found some time I mean I took a day off, but September for me is very busy. That’s why I’m doing two outfits in one post.

black and white damask dress

 In Memory of when I Cared T-shirt dress

 In Memory of when I Cared T-shirt dress

I’ve been seing this print around the internet a lot so I had to have this dress, plus it has a skull! I am not comfortable wearing T-Shirt dresses though, and this one is pretty tight, so I always have to have something underneath. You also have to look out for the size. The material is great for a 5$ dress – it’s 60% cotton!

Black and white damask dress

i mostly wear black and white, and I love damask, so this dress is great! Plus it has this skater dress silhouette – a must buy for only $5! The material is not too great, because it’s mostly some kind of nylon, but it’s not too tight, so it’s flattering to your body.

All in all I am very satisfied with what I got. The shipping is also free. Also make sure to check out their other website


Danas sam konacno nasla vremena da vam pokazem sta sam dobila sa sajta

U mom prethodnom postu sam pomenula da sam kupila 3 haljine za 15$ i pokazala vam prvu haljinu. Dakle, sve tri haljine kostaju oko 1500 RSD, postarina ukljucena.

Prva haljina koju sam uzela je ova majica-haljina sa lobanjom. Iako je za moj ukus preuska, svidja mi se materijal jer je 60% pamuk. Ja cu svakako nositi nesto ispod nje.

Druga haljina je crno-bela  A-kroja – kroj koji lepo stoji svakoj figuri. Materijal je neka vrsta najlona, ali ne smeta jer stvarno lepo stoji!

Sta kazete koja vam se vise svidja?

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