Mermaid prom dresses

Hello dearies, what have you been up to? I am way behind with my writing, so I have some serious catching up to do! Today is gonna be the last one out of three topics, and it’s going to be about mermaids, yaay! OK, not exactly mermaids but mermaid prom dresses!

Mermaid prom dresses

 All of the items I will be showing here are from Zaful, so be sure to check them out!
Mermaid silhouette is popular for the most important dates in your life because it’s both sexy and sophisticated!
It’s flattering as it shows off your figure, but in a subtle way, without the risk of looking trashy or vulgar! Besides, every true lady knows that leaving something to the imagination is much more attractive than revealing it all then and there! You will look like a Hollywood celebrity, or like an old-school movie star!

Sheer Lace Illusion Mermaid Prom Dress

If you do like to show a little bit of skin, but still want to look classy, I always say that a black mesh dress is the best choice. It covers up and shows off all the right features! Shop more here!

High low dress

 A little more revealing but just as elegant is the high low dress! The high low dress trend has been around for years and it looks like it’s not going anywhere!

Plus Size High Neck Top And High Low Bodycon Skirt Suit – Black

This elegant plus size suit is a perfect example that you can wear a crop top and reveal your waist no matter what shape or size you are! See more here!

See through dress for you

Floral Embroidered Plus Size Mesh Dress – Black

Speaking of sexy, a see-through dress is always a good idea to show just the right amount of skin! A-line dresses are always a good choice for plus size ladies! Find a see through dress for you here!

Sexy bodycon dresses

Last, sexiest of them all are probably the sexy bodycon dresses. Again, sexy doesn’t have to mean vulgar or too revealing. Check out this retro style pencil dress with a bow for example – fit for a queen!

Both smaller and curvier girls can wear them! Bodycon dresses can also come with details such as frills, which can hide all of those problematic areas!

Bowtie Solid Color Stand Collar Pencil Dress – Green

Which kind of dress is your favorite? Comment below!

Vintage Swimwear

Hi my lovelies, how have you been doing? Today we will continue talking about summer’s hot topics, and this time it’s all about Vintage Swimwear!

How is your week going so far? I spent my time finally visiting the center of Vienna with some friends from Belgrade (and I’ve been here for almost a month!), but what can I do when I don’t have the time to play around like a tourist! I barely had the time to sit for a glass of much needed Aperol Spritz!
Anyway, what was I saying? Oh, yees-

Vintage Swimwear

All of the products I’ll be mentioning here are from the Zaful online shop, so make sure you go check them out and click here!

High Waist Leaf Print Underwire Bikini – Blackish Green

You know I love some retro ’50s pin-up and rockabilly fashion, which you can’t really tell because in the winter I almost always wear black or gray.

Honestly, one of the few things I am excited about in the summer is getting to wear some color. Retro fashion is both colorful and edgy, and that’s why I like it so much. Besides, a huge part of it is that vintage silhouettes fit curvy body types such as mine!

Lucky for us, the vintage swimsuits are back! Now you can look and feel confident at the beach! No more shame and covering that body! Retro swimsuits accentuate the right things while hiding the problematic parts, such as the belly – thanks to that high waist, you no longer have to wear a one-piece swimsuit!

For today I also picked a tropical floral design with a retro vibe! Click here:

Leaf Strappy High Cut Swimsuit

Are you more into a one-piece swimsuit! No problemo! I can’t get enough of this tropical print cause it’s so gorgeous! No fashionista can resist this summer! It also has a retro vibe, which I love so much! Click here to see more.

Vintage Swimwear

Palm Leaf Cami Bralette Bikini Set – Pink And Green

If you like to show off your body and a two-piece swimsuit is more your thing, you gotta go for it! Again I love this pink one with green palm leaves! See how the palm leaves trend is repeating itself each year in fashion and interior, and it looks like it’s here to stay! Shop this crop top bikini here.

Which one is your favorite?

I hope you have a great week!


Long beach dresses for you

Hi everyone, here I am after a while, since spring is here, we’re going to talk about Long beach dresses for you! All the dresses here are by Zaful, so go check them out!

First I guess I should explain why I disappeared… I guess I’ve never made such a long break in 3 years of my blogging work. But things happen and I can’t do something if I don’t give my 100%, and I  can’t give my 100%if the motivation just isn’t there. You could barely see me on Instagram as well, although I used to post there every day!

So what happened to me? First I had to go to the hospital for an operation. It wasn’t that serious, but still, it’s enough to ruin your mood for at least couple of weeks so you can’t really be productive.

Next piece of (good) news is that I moved to Vienna, and I’m planning to stay here. So until I settled down I couldn’t really do anything, except the absolute priorities.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about why we’re really here.

Long beach dresses for you

Sheer Mesh Maxi Beach Dress 

I kind of love the idea of a long black dress at the beach, because it will surely add a mystery to your look and make you stand out from all the colorful outfits out there. Now I’m not saying I am completely against color, it’s summer after all, but I just love mesh and see-through materials! You can never go wrong with black, even at the beach!

Mini Floral Wrap Dress 

Next if you don’t wanna go all black and you want to add a fun element to your outfit, I’d recommend adding another summer fashion staple – florals/ Flowers are a must have, and  no matter how much you don’t think you are a flowers kind of gal (like me), trust me, you will find a design that you like. I personally gravitate towards Hawaiian style flowers, and of course, pink. If you kinda think flowers are too mainstream, just remember it’s all about how you wear them!  Find more floral wrap dress here!

Cut Out Bowknot Plaid Mini Dress 

Last but not least are the cute but practical slip dresses, and I like this white one with a pretty bow! Find this white slip dress here.

Which one do you like best?

For more ideas, check out the zaful blog!