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Outfit: Neon Skeleton Print Tee

Hi all, today we’re talking about my new neon skeleton print Tee from RoseGal.

I paired it with my zombie Iron Fist skirt, since the colors are kind of similar.

And because it’s summer I decided to wear something bright and colorful (and monstrous) for a change!

Neon Skeleton Print Tee

Outfit details:

Click here for: Skeleton Print Tee

Zombie Skirt: Iron Fist Clothing

Sneakers: Converse

I paired it with my zombie Iron Fist skirt, since the colors are kind of similar.

Neon skeleton print Tee

My scene queen former self would have loved this! Actually I still love it. And I’ll always be a scene queen (hence the pink hair).

Pink and blue are two of my favorite colors (you know, after purple), I also have them on my arm tattoo, so this Tshirt has it all!

Like I said in my YouTube video, the material is a little too thin for my taste, so I feel like it’s going to stretch out over time. It’s also a little see-through.

However, the important thing is it is (mostly) cotton, and for the price I think it’s great (shipping is included).

Other than that, the TShirt size looks great on me. The shipping time was standard, around 3 weeks.

Iron Fist Zombie Skirt

The reason I started to love Iron Fist and they became my fave brand is because of the beautiful colors and zombies, but somehow  unfortunately I don’t see as many monsters and zombies in their new collections. That\s why when ever I see a zombie item I have to get it. I got this skirt a couple of months ago when it was 40% off, because I just don’t feel like paying full price for a piece of cloth. (I’m so excited about zombie skirts, I may have just ordered another one as we speak :D)

What do you think? Do you like neon colors? I either seem to go too dark or too bright 😀


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Iron Fist Skirt Skeleton print tee Skeleton tee neon Skeleton print zombies Skeleton print pink hair door pink hair skeleton print tee pink hair skeleton print

How to wear an army green bodycon T-shirt dress

What’s up guys, today I’m here to show you what I got from . I picked this army green bodycon T-shirt dress because I feel like it’s really practical and I am also stepping out of my comfort zone kinda. I don’t only wear black and gray anymore, I wear army green as well. 😛

army green bodycon T-shirt dress


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How to wear an army green bodycon T-shirt dress

When I say an army green bodycon T-shirt dress is practical, first of all I mean that it’s versatile. Since it’s plain, you can accesorize it all you want. In the summer, you can combine it with jewelry – I’d say some kind of a necklace for this neckline is a must!

In my case, I chose a boho statement necklace, because I feel like it really spices up a basic dress. Some day a boho statement necklace is no longer in, I say I don’t care, I’m always gonna love big chunky jewlery.

The second option would be, of course, a choker, or even, like, 5 chokers :p

Then you can also wear this kind of dress in transitional weather – in autumn and spring. A leather jacket is always a great choice, or even in this case – a denim jacket. I’m usually not a fan of denim, like, I think I don’t even own blue jeans that I wear, but this really makes me wish I had one!

Last but not least – shoes. My choice here were classic black converse, but of course you can pair it with heels if you like for a night out.

Either way – you can dress it up or down and still look fabulous. And the best thing is – it’s only $5! I swear I wanna buy it in every color, it’s so comfy! The material is pretty good for the price – 65% cotton!

So I am totally satisfied with, also make sure to check out their other website

Let me know what you think and check out my video!


boho statement necklace

bodycon dress black converse

septum statement necklace outfit

emo pink hair converse

pinup bodycon dress

emo pink hair septum

t-shirt army green dress

statement necklace pink hair

stars tattoo behind