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How to Wear High Waisted Ripped Jeans

How to Wear High Waisted Ripped Jeans

How to wear high waisted ripped jeans
1- see HERE, 2 – see HERE, 3- see HERE, 4- see HERE, 5- see HERE

High waisted ripped jeans are a punk staple and definitely a trend we love and is here to stay!

I don’t think I’ll ever give up on my ripped jeans, and the high waisted trend makes me not only look good but also feel good. It’s very figure flattering as it hugs the curves in all the right places and elongates your legs.

The only question remains – what should I wear them with? To be honest, I wear black jeans and black shirts so much, I’m getting tired of myself! So let’s look at some fresh ways how you can wear the high waisted ripped jeans in the summer and fall! (see picture below:)

1 Ripped bermudas

A summer version of your fave jeans, looks cool and is practical for hot weather

2 Fishnet denim skirt

A combination of our two favorite trends, combined into one piece! Who knew?!

3 Classic black skinny jeans

The type of jeans that are perfect with a graphic Tee, band shirt, sweatshirt or even a corset!

4 Army green shorts

I am not a shorts fan, but as opposed to usual blue jeans, the army green looks                          actually pretty cool!

5 Classic blue high waisted ripped jeans

The more ripped – the better! Like I said, it’s best to combine them with fishnets, as it gives them an extra ’90s grunge feel! You can combine them with a super trendy black or green bomber jacket, or a military blaser for a more fierce, sophisticated look!

All this and more you can find on the Rosegal website at very affordable prices! Best of all – the shipping is included.

You know I’ve been working with Rosegal for a while and I absolutely love their stuff and how lovely their staff is!

Check out their website and comment below: what’s your favorite? do you wear ripped jeans?

  1. How to wear high waisted ripped jeans
  2. 1- see HERE, 2 – see HERE, 3- see HERE, 4- see HERE, 5- see HERE

Blogiversary Special OOTD & What Not to Do As a Blogger

thigh high boots outfit idea lilac hair silver hail emo scene hair harness goth girl
Outfit details:
Velvet thigh high boots: see HERE
Rose gold watch: see HERE
Leather harness: see HERE
Veil & fur coat: H&M
Rings: Sixx
Bracelets & skirt: New Yorker
Skulls bag: Banned
I’m back with the second outfit I wanted to show you – how to wear thigh high boots! This outfit is all about boots and accessories, and I got it all from – Zaful.

Zaful is a huge online store, with an especially big selection of shoes and accessories. I mean it, when you start browsing, you won’t know where to stop. The second think I liked is that they have bigger size shoes, which is not the case on other Chinese online shops. I’ve wanted thigh-high boots for quite some time, and with a normal heel, so I immediately decided to take these ones. They are very comfy, the heel is only about 6cm, so you can wear them every day They are also warm and lined up with thin fur inside but I definitely plan on wearing them in the spring as well. The lace at the top is adjustable, so really anyone can wear them.
I’m also obsessed with rose gold, so I decided to take this watch, and it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry, though I don’t wear it every day. It also works perfectly.
The 3rd thing I got is the goth-nugoth musthave – a harness. Don’t ask me why, but I started to really like chokers, so I got this “extended version”, though still minimalistic.
The shipping time was about a month, again because of the holidays, and also the customs. The customer service at Zaful is also great and very polite.

The second part of my post is about my 2nd  blogiversary, which was in fact three weeks ago, but whatever.
Besides the marketing that I studied at the University, I’ve been really working on expanding my skills, taking an internet marketing course, reading a lot, listening to seminars and webinars. I’m always eager to expand my activity –  I tried Snapchat yesterday, I’m working on my video making skills, I’m always looking for something new, besides and related to my job. So, always expect something new and exciting from me :p

The blogiversary means also– time for a rant!
Though I’ve already talked about this, it’s never too much, because new stuff is always surfacing:

Most of this stuff seems pretty obvious, but the fact that people are still doing it makes me think it should still be pointed out.

1.      Don’t make blogger enemies
If someone wants to help you, respect that. You never know when you’re gonna need someone. Do not get into unnecessary arguments.

2.      Don’t unfriend/unfollow bloggers
Remember what I said about making enemies? Don’t do it. Believe me, I remember everything.

3.       Don’t friend colleagues bloggers on FB

Only to spy on them. Facebook is something private, so if you added them as a friend, it goes without saying you should follow them publicly on the blog as well. If you’re there just lurking and not showing mutual support – it’s obvious what you’re doing.

4.       Don’t follow/unfollow on Instagram

I know it’s been said a million times, and you think “well I’m not the one who’s gonna change the system”, then no one will. I follow the account I like even if they unfollowed me. There’s something to be learned from everyone. So if I have the courtesy to check out your profile, you should do the same, otherwise – how are you better than me?

5.       Don’t sell yourself short

This is another one I’m gonna keep repeating until the last one understands. Don’t do a post for $10, you are doing a disservice to the whole blogging industry. If you keep letting Chinese companies exploit you, you won’t go any further than that, and I know ya’ll dreaming of becoming rich and wearing Dior, well, it’s not gonna happen, unless you build your brand with integrity.


-Don’t leave comments like this! I have nothing against putting a link to your blog, actually I appreciate it so I can respond, but please, this is spammy and insulting

7.  “I was just browsing through the net for wedding dresses and found this great store…”

Really? You’re getting married 4 times a year? Congratulations!
Seriously, don’t treat your audience like we’re stupid. Tell us if it’s a sponsored post.
I hope you find this helpful and don’t take it the wrong way. After all, blogging is making your online brand.
What do you think about all this?
What else would you like me to write about?
P.S. Add me on Snapchat: @ladyxnancy

Guest Post by RebelsMarket: 15 Staples in Punk Clothing

Punk rock clothing staples alternative fashion Mohawk rebels market goth emo scene grunge rockabilly psychobilly glam inspiration outfit

Punk rock has been around for decades though the roots remain the same. Whether you’ve been punk for years or want to just adopt the punk rock fashion, there are always going to be staples that you must have to achieve the overall look and feel of punk fashion. (You can check out some of my punk-inspired outfits here and here)

Patches may not seem like much, but they are one of the major staples in any punk wardrobe. Whether they’re ironed on, sewn on, or attached with safety pins, they add color, life, and an overall voice to the appeal of punk rock fashion.
Punk rock patches can range from the anarchy symbol to some of your favorite bands; they are a definite statement piece.




DIY accessories or clothing.

Do it yourself has always been a staple statement in punk rock fashion. Whether you make your own accessories such as necklaces, rings, belts, or jackets or you make your own pants or shirts; it’s a labor of love that helps to create this edgy fashion.

Skinny Jeans and comfort go hand in hand with punk fashion. Whether they’re baggy or tight, they’re a definite must-have, especially when you layer on a few patches or spikes.




Vests may not seem very punk rock before they’ve seen the hands of the punk him or herself, but, they’re definitely a staple. If you aren’t a fan of a plain vest, get some fabric paint and unleash your inner creativity, sew on some patches, or use some spikes to roughen up the look.

Spikes, studs, anything metal that can be easily attached to the outfit are a definite staple in punk fashion. While they may seem a little abrasive at first, they definitely create interest on most punk accessories.

Chains are extremely useful with punk fashion, they can be worn as belts, dangle at your hip, or can be used as jewelry. They help to once again create a rough edge to the punk rock outfit.

Jewelry may seem overrated for punks, but, more often than not you’re going to see them wearing leather or spiked wrist cuffs, plugs in their ears, body jewelry, skull necklaces, or an array of other jewelry accessories that help to create a cohesive look.




Alternative materials such as vinyl lend themselves well to punk fashion, especially for female punks who want to wear something a little more feminine with a bite to it.

Leather can be found in almost all aspects of a punk outfit, from accessories to jackets or boots, leather is by far one of the biggest staple materials you will find.

Band T-shirts.
Sporting band T-shirts is definitely key to punks, especially when they’re supporting their favorite bands. While they may not always wear them true to their nature, and may create something a little more DIY from their band T-shirts, they’re a major component to punk fashion.

While jeans and pants can be argued as the same thing, that couldn’t be further from the truth. While jeans are a form of pant, they are their own entity. Punk pants usually refer to do it yourself pants or Franken pants. They’re stitched together from parts of pants long past, creating a visually interesting look.

Skirts, especially for the female punks, are a definite staple for punk rock culture. Whether they’re short or tight, there are several different shapes of edgy skirts to flatter just about any body type out there. Remember, anything can be made to have that punk rock edge to it, don’t shy away from a skirt because it doesn’t first scream “punk”, and make it that way.

Comfortable shoes.
Comfort is key with punk fashion, unless you are talking about accessories or the weight of metal. While you may be weighted down by spikes and patches, you’re going to want to have something comfortable to wear on your feet. Breaking in a new pair of shoes is great, but the grungier and well loved they look, the better.

Wrist bands, whether they be thin strips or thick chunky wrist bands are a bold fashion statement for punks. They can either be useful such as a thick leather strapped watch or more decorative like a spiked wristband. They are definitely an eye-catching accessory commonly found worn by lovers of punk rock.

Predominantly worn by the women, fishnets are a great staple punk rock clothing item. They can be worn by men or women, and are often times seen at live shows because they promote staying cool while in the midst of the pit.

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