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How to Be Edgier With Your Clothes

Guest Post: How to Be Edgier With Your Clothes

When it comes to fashion, we rarely see anything other than the classically pretty, traditional feminine styles gracing the covers of the magazines. You’ll get a twist here and there, like exaggerated silhouettes or ripped jeans, but it’s rare to see elements of the true goth or other alternative styles becoming popular. But what if you’re bored of the same old conventional styles? What if you’re tired of looking just like everyone else? Even deciding that you want to embrace the new lifestyle doesn’t mean you’ll automatically become good at it. Figuring things out can take some time, but if you want to start dressing more boldly, here are some tips and ideas that will give your wardrobe an edge. 

Start small 

If you’re new to it, you don’t have to go from zero to one hundred and become Morticia Addams on acid within a day. Goth and alternative styles are not easy to pull off, so you’ll need to build a good sense of style to know how to do it. Basically, you need to start small and take the time to really understand and love the pieces you’re wearing so you’d learn how to incorporate more of them. Simple black nail polish can be your starting point, small things like that. A leather jacket, black lipstick, thick studded belts, or chunky shoes. Pick one, but not all, and start from there. Changing our style can feel uncomfortable at first, but if you start with details you’ll get used to it and you can build up to other things. 

It’s all about the attitude 

Clothes should be a mere accessory to your attitude. Clothes are a way to express yourself, to show the world what you are inside, but they mean very little without the right mindset. Lift your chin up and own what you wear. Strut around, be confident and be comfortable in your own skin and anything you put on will look good. 

Know how to use black 

Black looks good on anyone, and it can be your go-to colour for any occasion. It’s classy, it’s sexy, it can be taken into any direction. Gothic fashion clothing often relies on black elegance, so if you like the colour you’re going to have plenty of fun. Pay attention to the material of your clothing. Black lace and velvet are alluring, and chiffon can look romantic. Black does not mean you can’t be seductive and feminine – quite the opposite. It’s dark and edgy, and if you play with cuts and materials you can easily create a look that works well with your style. 

Don’t be afraid of colour 

How to Be Edgier With Your Clothes

Just because black is a popular choice for alternative styles doesn’t mean you can’t wear anything else. The whole rainbow of colours is at your disposal, and wearing a pink dress won’t make you any less goth. Details like jewellery, scarves, belts and hair bands can really make a mostly-black outfit pop. Fashion shouldn’t be constraining, it’s supposed to be a guideline which you can modify to suit your needs. Don’t be afraid to wear whatever you want to wear.  

Hair and makeup to complement your looks 

The devil is in the details, and hair and makeup can really make or break an outfit. If you’re a beginner, there are some handy makeup tutorials around, and when it comes to hair, don’t be afraid to go wild. Darkest black, neon colours, opal hair, pink and silvery grey – it all works. 

The last things to remember are piercings and tattoos. Your skin is your canvas, so use it to paint a story with a meaningful tattoo, and consider piercings for that truly edgy, eye-catching cool look. 

Article by: Peter Minkoff – be sure to check him out on Twitter!

How to Get Silver Hair from Purple without Bleaching

Hi, in this video I’m showing you how to get silver hair. As you probably know by now I used to have purple hair.

How to Get Silver Hair from Purple without Bleaching

Purple Hair

To get purple hair I used Schwarzkopf Live Punk Purple.

Although it’s a great color Schwarzkopf Live Punk Purple has a pink undertone, so it can leave your hair redish.

For my extensions I used N’Rage Purple Plum.

Though it says Purple, I’d say N’Rage Purple Plum is more dark blue than purple.

How to Get Silver Hair

To get the silver hair I used Freelimix 12.11 and Still Pop Art A10.

I used Freelimix 12.11 for hair lightening, and  Still Pop Art A10 for the silver tone.

Watch the whole story in my video:

How to Wear High Waisted Ripped Jeans

How to Wear High Waisted Ripped Jeans

How to wear high waisted ripped jeans
1- see HERE, 2 – see HERE, 3- see HERE, 4- see HERE, 5- see HERE

High waisted ripped jeans are a punk staple and definitely a trend we love and is here to stay!

I don’t think I’ll ever give up on my ripped jeans, and the high waisted trend makes me not only look good but also feel good. It’s very figure flattering as it hugs the curves in all the right places and elongates your legs.

The only question remains – what should I wear them with? To be honest, I wear black jeans and black shirts so much, I’m getting tired of myself! So let’s look at some fresh ways how you can wear the high waisted ripped jeans in the summer and fall! (see picture below:)

1 Ripped bermudas

A summer version of your fave jeans, looks cool and is practical for hot weather

2 Fishnet denim skirt

A combination of our two favorite trends, combined into one piece! Who knew?!

3 Classic black skinny jeans

The type of jeans that are perfect with a graphic Tee, band shirt, sweatshirt or even a corset!

4 Army green shorts

I am not a shorts fan, but as opposed to usual blue jeans, the army green looks                          actually pretty cool!

5 Classic blue high waisted ripped jeans

The more ripped – the better! Like I said, it’s best to combine them with fishnets, as it gives them an extra ’90s grunge feel! You can combine them with a super trendy black or green bomber jacket, or a military blaser for a more fierce, sophisticated look!

All this and more you can find on the Rosegal website at very affordable prices! Best of all – the shipping is included.

You know I’ve been working with Rosegal for a while and I absolutely love their stuff and how lovely their staff is!

Check out their website and comment below: what’s your favorite? do you wear ripped jeans?

  1. How to wear high waisted ripped jeans
  2. 1- see HERE, 2 – see HERE, 3- see HERE, 4- see HERE, 5- see HERE