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Halloween Post

Obligatory post for any goth blogger. I always wanted to do proper glitter sugar skull makeup, but again I’m not fully satisfied how it turned out. Also, I can’t remember having a good time at a Halloween party since like 2014.

Two out of three major goth clubs in Belgrade got closed, so there aren’t any more big Halloween parties. (I know it might seem like I complain a lot on my blog, but it’s not all THAT bad, besides you know the best things in life happen behind the cameras 🙂

Anyway, my friend  and I took some pics so you can see our outfits and hopefully makeup (you can find my skeleton dress here).

I’m definitely a creative person, but I’m not the type who has the patience to do some complicated makeup looks. Well at least I tried. Let me know what you think!

What did you dress up as?

Phone selfie, because makeup

Outfit: Halloween Skeleton Dress and Necklace

blonde girl skeleton print dress goth halloween punk blue pink hair

Outfit details:Skeleton Palm Design Necklace: see HERE
Skeleton Print Sleeveless Dress: see HERE
Stand-Up Collar Double-Breasted Blazer: see HERE

October is the only time of year when it’s acceptable to wear skeleton print every day (although not like I don’t wear it the rest of the year too). I love this dress because I can easily combine it with a blazer or a jacket. If you’ve read my Alternative fashion story you’ve seen that I’m kind of obsessed with bands with uniforms, so I had  to get this military style jacket as well, it’s always a nice addition to any outfit. Plus the skeleton hands around my neck are a real statement jewelry piece!
Both the dress and the blazer are very light comfortable cotton, and I got them from Dresslily, in only two weeks, so check out their site, they have amazing and affordable stuff! The necklace is great quality, I wear it almost all the time when I go out!
What do you think?

Outfit: Skeleton Print Dress

skeleton print dress emo girl halloween blue hair shein

Outfit details:
Skeleton print dress: see HERE
Shoes: Iron Fist

The skeleton trend has been going strong in alternative fashion for the last few seasons. I think this is like my 4th outfit this year featuring the skeleton print, but I don’t mind! After the sweatshirt in my last outfit post, I just had to have this dress from SheIn as well! Although I usually avoid totally tight body-con dresses, to be honest, this one fits just right and feels very comfortable because of the really stretchy material! I also noticed I haven’t worn any bows in a while, and I used to wear them like all the time, they’re my signature accessory! I also always love this combination of dark and super cute <3 What do you think?