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How to Wear High Waisted Ripped Jeans

How to Wear High Waisted Ripped Jeans

How to wear high waisted ripped jeans
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High waisted ripped jeans are a punk staple and definitely a trend we love and is here to stay!

I don’t think I’ll ever give up on my ripped jeans, and the high waisted trend makes me not only look good but also feel good. It’s very figure flattering as it hugs the curves in all the right places and elongates your legs.

The only question remains – what should I wear them with? To be honest, I wear black jeans and black shirts so much, I’m getting tired of myself! So let’s look at some fresh ways how you can wear the high waisted ripped jeans in the summer and fall! (see picture below:)

1 Ripped bermudas

A summer version of your fave jeans, looks cool and is practical for hot weather

2 Fishnet denim skirt

A combination of our two favorite trends, combined into one piece! Who knew?!

3 Classic black skinny jeans

The type of jeans that are perfect with a graphic Tee, band shirt, sweatshirt or even a corset!

4 Army green shorts

I am not a shorts fan, but as opposed to usual blue jeans, the army green looks                          actually pretty cool!

5 Classic blue high waisted ripped jeans

The more ripped – the better! Like I said, it’s best to combine them with fishnets, as it gives them an extra ’90s grunge feel! You can combine them with a super trendy black or green bomber jacket, or a military blaser for a more fierce, sophisticated look!

All this and more you can find on the Rosegal website at very affordable prices! Best of all – the shipping is included.

You know I’ve been working with Rosegal for a while and I absolutely love their stuff and how lovely their staff is!

Check out their website and comment below: what’s your favorite? do you wear ripped jeans?

  1. How to wear high waisted ripped jeans
  2. 1- see HERE, 2 – see HERE, 3- see HERE, 4- see HERE, 5- see HERE
Rosegal Vintage Swing Dress and Rhinestone Choker

Rosegal Vintage Swing Dress and Rhinestone Choker

Hi guys, you know I recently had my sister’s wedding, and a vintage swing dress is perfect for such occasions!
If it includes tulle and lace, even better!
I was really worried about what I could wear that would be appropriate for a wedding, but if you’re an alternative fashion lover like me, the choice always comes down to vintage dresses.
The most important thing you need to be careful when ordering from websites is material, and although this vintage swing dress I chose contains polyester parts, it sits really well, and the majority is covered in pretty fabrics like lace and tulle.
I even shot a short video to let you know what I got “in person”, because it’s never the same on the pictures.


Of course you need a perfect accessory for a perfect party look, and as I’m into chokers lately, I chose this rhinestone choker with ribbon. I have to admit in the beginning I was a little confused about how it works, but it all worked out in the end. 🙂 It shines amazing and goes well with the dress.

Be sure to check out the Rosegal website as you can find tons of vintage dresses, but also products for the home, beauty, etc. at very affordable prices! Also, the shipping is free. The staff is amzingly friendly and kind.

Outfit No.2

BTW my other black dress is by Punkrave, and my shoes are Bordello. 🙂
After the heels that are 13 cm high, I had to unwind in my new Converse – a perfect alterntive girl wedding look.
I also had some glitter in my purple hair, I wanted kind of galaxy hair, but it came off quickly.

The pictures

These pics are my first Photoshop experiments, so be kind 🙂
Please let me know what you think about these looks, check out my videos and Rosegal website 🙂

Black Bikini Set & Other Goth Summer Essentials

Black Bikini Set & Other Goth Summer Trends

Black Bikini Set & Other Goth Summer Essentials
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Today we’re talking swimsuits, and the gothiest of all colors – black & purple. How about this cool harness black bikini set, or the gorgeous purple bikini?


The harness/choker trend has been very popular now, so no wonder they incorporated it even on swimsuits, which is great if you wanna stay goth at the beach!

If you’re more on the pastel goth/pastel grunge side, I’d recommend one of the crazy cool and popular mermaid bikinis!

For those who are fans of colors, there is also the floral bikini set, for girls who are more casual/sporty, or even rockabilly/retro.

All this can be found on the Zaful website, among other very interesting things.

Goth summer trends

You’re gonna love their tops section, where you can find the trendy cat top, and also many cool lace/mesh black blouses. Speaking of lace, you can also find the gorgeous and feminine lace bralettes, in various sizes. When we talk about summer, we can not forget about dresses, like this pretty but practical black lace one.

Best of all – the shipping is free! Just check the website and choose your favorites!

What do you think? Which one is your fave?

Black Bikini Set & Other Goth Summer Essentials
1 – click HERE, 2 – click HERE, 3 – click HERE. 4 – click HERE, 5 – click HERE