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How to Get Silver Hair from Purple without Bleaching

Hi, in this video I’m showing you how to get silver hair. As you probably know by now I used to have purple hair.

How to Get Silver Hair from Purple without Bleaching

Purple Hair

To get purple hair I used Schwarzkopf Live Punk Purple.

Although it’s a great color Schwarzkopf Live Punk Purple has a pink undertone, so it can leave your hair redish.

For my extensions I used N’Rage Purple Plum.

Though it says Purple, I’d say N’Rage Purple Plum is more dark blue than purple.

How to Get Silver Hair

To get the silver hair I used Freelimix 12.11 and Still Pop Art A10.

I used Freelimix 12.11 for hair lightening, and  Still Pop Art A10 for the silver tone.

Watch the whole story in my video:

Halloween Post

Obligatory post for any goth blogger. I always wanted to do proper glitter sugar skull makeup, but again I’m not fully satisfied how it turned out. Also, I can’t remember having a good time at a Halloween party since like 2014.

Two out of three major goth clubs in Belgrade got closed, so there aren’t any more big Halloween parties. (I know it might seem like I complain a lot on my blog, but it’s not all THAT bad, besides you know the best things in life happen behind the cameras 🙂

Anyway, my friend  and I took some pics so you can see our outfits and hopefully makeup (you can find my skeleton dress here).

I’m definitely a creative person, but I’m not the type who has the patience to do some complicated makeup looks. Well at least I tried. Let me know what you think!

What did you dress up as?

Phone selfie, because makeup