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Outfit: Purple Lace & Creepers

Outfit details:Skull creepers: see HERESteampunk necklace: see HERESilver earrings: see HEREPurple lace dress: see HERE I’m back from my vacation, so it’s time to show you the outfit  I got from Banggood.I chose this purple lace dress because I think… Continue Reading →

Beach Essentials

I just found out I’m traveling ro Kavos, Greece in about ten days with my friends, so I was inspired to do this beach essentials list.The dominant colors are as usual black and white, but with more white than usual,… Continue Reading →

Best Dresses for Summer

The group birthday celebration stress is finally over so I can focus now on other stuff such as more stress (studying again) :/The b-day pics are coming soon I promise, and with my new DSLR camera, which I’m obsessed with… Continue Reading →

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