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Travel: Vienna New Year’s Eve

blonde goth girl long hair banned bag poizen industries alice gothic coat
Alice coat by Poizen Industries: see HERE

Last piece of Vienna posts I owe you is right here. Since it’s my favorite place, it’s only natural that I spent the New Year’s eve there. I don’t expect much of a”party” anyway, I think best nights happen when you least expect them.

What I do know, however, is that shopping never let me down, that is, until now. We came to Vienna at around 10 AM so I thought we’d have plenty of time. Turns out, most boutiques closed around 2 PM, and believe me, 4 hours is NOT enough for me to go through the stuff and try on clothes! I could literally do it all day, even without a cent in my pocket! Other than the little shopping mishap, I had a lovely day, which ended at Graben at midnight drinking eggnog. Then we had to rush to the bus that was leaving at like 1 AM.
 Also, since I was spending the New Years’ outside I wore my fancy Poizen Industries Alice coat, which you can find at RebelsMarket here.
In the near future, expect to see some outfit posts (sorry about the delay), and my next adventure will be Bulgaria, where I’m going to see my beloved Diary of Dreams! <3
How did you spend the New Year’s Eve?

Travel: Spittelberg Christmas Market & Grinzing

You can find my KISS shirt on RebelsMarket here

Hello from me after a long time. I don’t know why, but I’ve been busier than usual. Not like I ever leave the house though, haha. Anyway, my blogiversary is coming so I expect to do some writing then. For now, I still owe you the second part of my Vienna Christmas market trip.

This time we visited the Spittelberg Christmas market. Which is actually weird to me, because it consists of a number of smaller markets in narrow streets, I’ve never even heard of it before. We went on to do some shopping at the nearby handmade craft stores, and to drink some punch.

I wanted to spend my last day in Vienna at my favorite place in the world – Grinzing. We had a glass of wine, took a couple of pics, and it was already time to go.
Btw, you can see how I used a different method of editing my pics (they used to be more saturated before, let me know how you like it!
How did you spend the holidays?

Photos: Schattenwelt Gothic Festival – Diary of Dreams, Suicide Commando, Solar Fake

Photos: Schattenwelt Gothic Festival - Diary of Dreams, Suicide Commando, Solar Fake

I finally decided to post all pics from Schattenwelt Festival on my blog. Schattenwelt is the only gothic festival in Austria, and why is it important? Because I finally got to see my favorite band  – Diary of Dreams! I also got to meet the singer Adrian Hates, the most beautiful talented man in the world, in my humble opinion, and the lovely Sven Friedrich of Solar Fake
Besides DoD and Solar Fake, I got to see the EBM legend Suicide Commando. Words can’t describe how I felt, BUT if you want to READ about it – I wrote an article about the full experience for RebelsMarket – check it out here.

Are you a fan of these bands? Have you been to any gothic festivals?

Here are all my pics and videos: