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Photowall Sweden – How to Make an Influencer-Worthy Picture Wall

Hello dears,

long time no see. I have been busy, among other things, with decorating my (relatively) new place, and creating an Influencer-Worthy Picture Wall, which I am now finishing thanks to Photowall Sweden!



I’ve always wanted my own place, so I can decorate the entire apartment like the ones I’ve seen on Pinterest. I wanted a real “blogger” apartment. This wish came true for me six months ago. I bought a completely new kitchen, and brought my own décor.

A big part of a blogger apartment is, of course, an Influencer-Worthy Picture Wall.

How to Make an Influencer-Worthy Picture Wall

When starting a picture wall, my advice is to start with a big canvas, and then build around it with smaller artwork. I’ve chosen this canvas print by Photowall because I love pink, hearts, and neon signs.  Besides pictures, you can add mirrors, lamps, neon signs, or your own photos to the wall! The sky is the limit (or in this case, your ceiling :).

For me, this is only the beginning, although I am very satisfied how my main wall looks now. I am back to writing at home, so when I work, I really need something beautiful to look at (and of course, a nice background for my Instagram pics!). I also love to see motivational quotes all around the apartment. The important thing is to choose a color scheme and stick to it, in my case it’s black, white, pink and gold!

I have to admit I was a bit worried how a black canvas will look on my white wall, especially because it’s so big (the dimensions I chose are 100×70 cm), but it turned out really awesome with all the black and white artwork I already had.

The best thing is that you can get 25% off the entire website, just use my code ladyxnancy25 ! The code is valid until July 9, 2021.

On the Photowall website, you san even get a canvas with your own photo, no extra charge!

Let me know how you like my picture wall in the comments!

 Picture Wall


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