FeelinGirl : The Best Waist Trainer

FeelinGirl is an online shop for activewear, shapewear, and fitness gear. They have their own manufacturer that design and create activewear, so that you can wear any piece of clothing you like, any time you want.

Buying from famous shapewear brands may have advantages since many people have already tried their products. But the thing is, these brands have an army of celebrities and influencers promoting them, which means you are probably paying more for an overpriced product name, not for the quality.

So what if you can get the same great quality for much less money? Buying from the best waist trainer company with many years of experience which offers affordable, high-quality, and effective products is not only wise but also  highly efficient!

If you are still not convinced, you can always check out the waist trainer before and after pics, or read reviews about the company to find real customers’ experiences and testimonies on different bodysuits and waist cinchers.


If you have some fat rolls, don’t worry! When you wear the plus-size women waist trainer, you will instantly have an hourglass shape and your love handles and stomach rolls will be hidden.

The waist trainer has instant stomach compression thanks to the multi-layer durable fabric that can reduce the size of your waist. Not many shapewear brands carry product sizes more than 6XL, but FeelinGirl shapewear is available from extra small to 9XL! At FeelinGirl, everyone has the opportunity for the most important glow-up of their life!

The great thing about the waist trainer is that it has two belts that you don’t have to wear. The straps add additional pressure to the belly area that will have an added effect on your waist size if you wear the waist trainer on a long-term and regular basis. The most important thing is not to tighten it too much and not to pass internal organs.

A full-body shaper also has butt pads that will make it look firmer and rounder under tight clothes while showing off your best curves.


The bands for closure help to keep the body shaper together before zipping up the shapewear, and prevent unzipping when breathing or working out.

The improved inner layer of the fabric will help you be more comfortable when you sweat. You can also wear a bra underneath the bodysuit.

If you also want long-term effects,  selecting a best waist trainer that fits your body will help you in your fitness journey.  We can’t wait to see you looking and feeling better and more comfortable to wear the clothes that you want!



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