Name on Necklace
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Name on Necklace

Hi ladies, how are you? I’m feeling great now that September is here and it’s almost fall! Fall is also the time to reflect back on this year and on all the memories, and also to remember our loved ones!

What better way is there to say I love you than a personalized photo necklace? Today we are talking about the Name on Necklace website again, where you can find the biggest selection of personalized necklaces, bracelets, jewelry etc.

Name on Necklace

For example, you can get a photo necklace, like an engraved photo in a heart, in a locket, on a dog tag, in a star etc. Just follow this link:

Share your dearest memories with a heart shaped photo necklace that you can wear every day with the Memorial charm necklace – buy here! That way you can carry your loved one close to the heart no matter where you go!

A dog tag necklace is a new modern way to save a memory! Just upload a photo and add the words that you want to be engraved on the back side – shop here. This kind of necklace is more for men, but it can look cool on women too.

Contact Us here for this beautiful Custom Stainless Steel Photo Dog Tag Necklace, that can also be used as a keychain. Treat yourself or make a great present for a member of the family or a friend!

If you are looking to show your individuality on a custom piece of jewelry – you have come to the right place! The possibilities are endless – select a chain you like, a shape that looks good to you, add a cute charm, and you’re basically done!

Which one of these ideas do you like most? Which piece of jewelry would you love to rock this season?

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