Hi all, today we’re talking about my new neon skeleton print Tee from RoseGal.

I paired it with my zombie Iron Fist skirt, since the colors are kind of similar.

And because it’s summer I decided to wear something bright and colorful (and monstrous) for a change!

Neon Skeleton Print Tee

Outfit details:

Click here for: Skeleton Print Tee

Zombie Skirt: Iron Fist Clothing

Sneakers: Converse

I paired it with my zombie Iron Fist skirt, since the colors are kind of similar.

Neon skeleton print Tee

My scene queen former self would have loved this! Actually I still love it. And I’ll always be a scene queen (hence the pink hair).

Pink and blue are two of my favorite colors (you know, after purple), I also have them on my arm tattoo, so this Tshirt has it all!

Like I said in my YouTube video, the material is a little too thin for my taste, so I feel like it’s going to stretch out over time. It’s also a little see-through.

However, the important thing is it is (mostly) cotton, and for the price I think it’s great (shipping is included).

Other than that, the TShirt size looks great on me. The shipping time was standard, around 3 weeks.

Iron Fist Zombie Skirt

The reason I started to love Iron Fist and they became my fave brand is because of the beautiful colors and zombies, but somehow  unfortunately I don’t see as many monsters and zombies in their new collections. That\s why when ever I see a zombie item I have to get it. I got this skirt a couple of months ago when it was 40% off, because I just don’t feel like paying full price for a piece of cloth. (I’m so excited about zombie skirts, I may have just ordered another one as we speak :D)

What do you think? Do you like neon colors? I either seem to go too dark or too bright 😀


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