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Ultimate Munich Post

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This is gonna be one huge post, since, as usual, I didn’t plan my time well. On our last day in Munich  my friend left early, so I actually had some time to wander around and take some pics. I went downtown to see Marienplatz and the cathedral. The cathedral is so huge, I couldn’t really capture it with my camera, but to me, these buildings are all about the details. 

I love everything medieval and old-timey, yes, especially the sculptures of tortured souls and demons. In this sense, I find catholic churches much more interesting than orthodox, though I mostly like all churches. 
On the other hand, I love modern pop-art, such as this random David Bowie wall art at McDonald’s, and the Velvet Goldmine picture you were able to see in my previous post. 
What do you think?
As for me, I’m leaving to Vienna tomorrow, as for you, I have a giveaway coming up, so stay tuned! <3

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  1. Predivne su fotografije i vrlo kvalitetne. Svidece ti se i Bec, pogotovo sad kad je okicen i jos lepsi nego inace. Ja sam se pre par dana vratila i pocinjem da spremam postove iz Beca ­čÖé
    Ljubim te

  2. It looks like a fun trip. I love Germany but I've never been to Munch.

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