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Food Post: Ambar, Belgrade

Ambar belgrade best serbian restaurants

I hope you missed my food posts (I think it’s been like a year since I wrote one). Two weeks ago we celebrated my Dad’s birthday in Ambar, one of the most famous restaurants in Belgrade. They also own a restaurant in the Wasington D.C, and are planning an expansion. It was also the perfect opportunity to try out my new camera.
The food is based on traditional Serbian cuisine, with a modern twist. On the menu were (many of the names are in Serbian, sorry): various cocktails, kajmak with blue cheese, urnebes, dried plums with goat cheese and bacon, Balkan salad, lamb, pork roulade, many local deserts, and pljeskavica with urnebes and garlic,  instead of a birthday cake!

Also: don’t forget to check out my first article over at RebelsMarket here: All about corsets and how to wear them! Thanks <3

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