goth girl visualkei punk emo blue hair lace leggings

Outfit details:
Cross top: see HERE
Lace leggings: see HERE
Tassel epaulette: see HERE

Today I wanted to show you what I got from DressLink, a fashion ladies mall with a great selection! I got these cool embroidery leather looking leggings, that can be worn under a short skirt or longer top. The only thing is you have to lace them up yourself, so sorry if the lacing looks weird xD This inverted cross tunic goes perfect with the leggings cause it’s long enough so you don’t have to wear a skirt or anything. Occult symbols have long been around in mainstream fashion, so don’t worry about looking like you worship Satan (if you do, that’s cool too:). As the perfect addition to the outfit I found this spike epaulette! You can pin it wherever you like, and I like spikes and chains everywhere, they make such a statement to even a plain top!
What do you think?