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Trend Report: Mermaid Look (Guest Post by Peter Minkoff)

Mermaids are mythical sea creatures that have always been fascinating to ordinary people. They are a major inspiration for this season’s fashion trend, characterized with over-the-top look heavily loaded with sequins, glitter and hair dyed in bright colours. Here are the most important things you have to know about it.
Fashion Inspiration

mermaid look trend fashion makeup hair
This fabulous look is a combination of metallic materials with a lot of sequins and shiny details. Also, crazy hair colour is a must, and it has to be followed by the appropriate shade of nail polish. Even though this eccentric trend became very popular in the last few years, no one can really imagine exactly when it emerged. We can thank Kelly Osbourne and Kate Moss for introducing it back in the 90’s! Even though it was not called that way immediately, one main element became popular in that period – the supernatural hair colour. The other ones were introduced years after.
Rainbow Hair, Don’t Care

The mermaid look is incomplete without the craziest supernatural hair colour. No matter whether you will choose to dye the whole hair or just to dip-dye your tips – it is much more important that the colours are in the manner of a real mermaid. The most desirable ones are purple, pink, green and turquoise. Fluid hair painting is the latest technique particularly appropriate for achieving this gorgeous soft gradient effect. It is done by hand painting hair in sections, which gives you an ultimate mermaid look.
Style Essentials

When it comes to makeup, eyes are in the centre of attention in the mermaid look. This is exactly why a lot of glitter and bright eye shadow shades are required. Bring life to them by adding a touch of drama with a pair of glamorous false lashes. Some of the clothing items that are highly required for this look are bold clutches, glitter jackets, metallic leather skirts and crop tops, as well as fish-scale inspired midi skirts and leggings. Of course, a mermaid without a perfect bikini is not the real one, so make sure that you have got the best one. The latest swimwear sale will bring you a timeless piece that will be equally trendy even the next summer, because this trend is certainly not going anywhere.
Mermaids in the Fashion Industry

Even the world’s most respected designers drew inspiration from this kind of look. It all started by embracing a literal mermaid look, with the most glamorous fishtail dresses and fish scale appliqés. Karl Lagerfeld modernized this look in 2012, introducing a slightly softer mermaid look by using lace, pearls and ruffles. Givenchy came up with captivating flared sequined skirts, whereas Atelier Versace took this trend to the next level by creating sheer and sexy gowns.
Celebrity Mermaids

This trend really caught on among the celebrities, starting with Kylie Jenner who has changed a lot of hair colours before deciding to go aqua blue. Hilary Duff’s dark green shade looks very glamorous and slightly edgy at the same time, whereas Gigi Hadid opted for turquoise tips only. There is also Katy Perry who also changes her hair colour very frequently, but the fact is that lilac locks really compliment her fair skin complexion. Britney Spears even went a little bit extreme, since she allowed her son to dye his hair in the same rainbow tone she chose for herself.
This fabulous look is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, and only the most eccentric ones can actually pull it off. However, there are many good reasons for the craziness related to this fabulous trend. If you are up for something different and unusual, awaken your inner mermaid and be in the centre of attention everywhere you show up.
About the author:

Peter Minkoff

Lifestyle Editor at HighStyleLife
Peter is a lifestyle editor for HighStyleLife located in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design,he worked as a fashion stylist and as a freelance writer for few local newspapers in Brisbane. Beside writing, he loves shopping, cooking exotic meals and traveling around tropical destinations. He’s future plans are in creating his personal lifestyle blog about everyday life-saving tips.
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