wedding dress, gown, cocomelody

Ladies, don’t you just love feasting your eyes on beautifully designed gowns? As a romantic/goth girl, or just a regular girl, I love looking at lovely romantic dresses, especially wedding dresses! Even though I’m nowhere near getting married, I love reading wedding blogs, watching wedding shows, especially destination wedding. If you don’t believe me, check out my Vision board on Pinterest, it’s full of wedding dresses. I just love the idea of combining a beautiful gown with unusual accessories, but that’s a matter of your personal taste. After all, you become what you think about most, so any of us can be a bride in no time 🙂 It never hurts to dream, anyway.

Cocomelody has some really gorgeous gowns, at a very reasonable price (if you’re into bridal TV shows like me, you know how much a dress can cost). They have everything a girl can wish for – from sweetheart necklines and retro cuts to accentuate your figure to bows, lace and glamorous details. If you want to add a personal touch, they can customize it according to your wishes, it’s your day and your happiness and satisfaction are most important!  They even have dresses in colors other than white, that you can also wear on other occasions.


Now what do you think about a lovely destination wedding? Cocomelody has special beach wedding dresses, that are usually a bit more casual than usual wedding dresses, considering the surroundings. For example, they can be shorter if you also want to dip your toes in the water, how fun does that sound! <3

wedding dress, gown, cocomelody

If you’re planning a more classic wedding for the future, check out the 2016 wedding dresses, the trendiest and hottest designs made with top quality fabric!


What do you think? Are some of you planning a wedding? Or do you just have a perfect dress (and man 🙂 in mind? I’d love to hear your opinion 🙂