Iron Fist haul!


The bad news is Iron Fist is closing up so I won’t be able to find them anymore in Belgrade. The good news is I bought a bunch of stuff on sale! Like I said, I had Iron Fist in my hood both in Belgrade and in Vienna, but I couldn’t really buy that much cause it was always pretty expensive, both for Serbian and Austrian standards. Now I finally got this hoodie I’ve been eyeing for like two years, a white top, and like 5 pairs of shoes. The problem with their shoes is they’re either completely flat, or like REALLY high (all of these are 15cm+) But the design is so pretty, I couldn’t resist! I didn’t have trouble walking in all of them, except for the floral ones, they are really problematic, like don’t wear them if you don’t have anywhere to sit down (or someone to hold on to šŸ™‚ Now the reason I love Iron Fist is because they’re just as beautiful on the inside, they really pay attention to details, so I tried to capture them from most angles. To me, these aren’t just some everyday walking shoes, their shoes are truly works of art, I keep them displayed on my closet <3























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  1. Those floral shoes are really pretty. I too love Iron Fist for their highly detailed products.
    Too bad that it's hard to find any stores that sell their shoes here in Finland. I don't like to order them online, because I want to be sure that they fit properly before I buy them.

  2. ja obožavam boje i uzorke…tako sam sam oduÅ”evljena:) odličan haul!


  3. I love the shiny boots and the floral ones (although they are too high for me)!

  4. thanks! yeah, they're hard to find anywhere these days :/

  5. hvala puno! šŸ™‚

  6. thanks! they're too high for anyone I think, but what can you do šŸ˜€

  7. So cute!!

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