Exclusive Look at the new Radisson Blu Old Mill Hotel Belgrade

You should know by now I love interior design, so this time I’m taking you inside the new Radisson Blu Hotel in Belgrade. This 4-star hotel was opened in December last year in the industrial area of Belgrade downtown. It’s the first hotel in this part of the city, just across the street from Belgrade Fair (also very near to where I live).  The interior captures the spirit of the 19th century Old Mill, although the lobby and the restaurant have a kind of rustic mountain feel to me, probably because of the earthy colours. It’s seriously the most beautiful hotel I’ve seen in the country because of the romantic old timey vibe to it, but at the same time the industrial-chic modern rooms . Expect more pics in the future <3

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  1. Looks incredibly luxurious and relaxing! I can definitely see the beautiful rustic vibe your mentioned. Lovely post dear! xxxxx


  2. Looks wonderful x

  3. It looks beautiful! And those views!

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  7. Great post! The hotel looks wonderful! I love travelling and staying in hotels!


  8. Love the photos!
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  9. Wow, ultra snazzy! And This Works products in the bathroom. Very cool!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

  10. The hotel's interior is breath taking, its so classy and savvy, what a great place to stay in <3

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  14. Loos like an amazing place to stay!

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  17. wow very nice place!!! 🙂

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  21. yeah, views are my fave!

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