Outfit post: Darker

After some time I decided to do a real photoshoot in my backyard, since I can’t really go anywhere dressed like this in the middle of the day. I wanted to do a goth-steampunk look, since recently most of my outfits were casual and now I wanted a more extravagant look. I also re-did my pink highlights, yaay! ^^

Feather piece,cuffs: Claire’s, jacket: H&R corset: Burleska, shoes: Demonia

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  1. Amazing outfit! And your hair looks hot!

  2. Amazing outfit! And your hair looks hot!

  3. I love this! It's so sassy and cute!!!

  4. wow, you are so awesome!
    of course we can follow each other. Follow me i will follow you back.
    And on instagram: @raroika

  5. Thank you darling!

  6. Thanks dear!

  7. Thanks so much!

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