Instagram Recap: Winter Edition + Beautimafia YouTube Channel

Since I haven’t had the time to post much lately, I promise I’ll be more active in these following days! Now, my favourite season – fall-winter is long gone, but fortunately I’m snapping pics wherever I go, so here are some of the pictures from my first IG account to remember it by!

P.S. Check out my super cute Instagram friend’s Beautimafia channel, and subscribe if you like!
In this video she talks about my fave subject, coffee <3

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  1. Really love your blog!

  2. Love your blog so much! Thanks for the mention, I'll put your blog and instagram in my next video <3


  4. Thanks dear!^^

  5. No problem! And thank you <3

  6. Thanks, to you to!

  7. So many lovely and arty pictures!

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